Make Scale-Up and Expansion Work

This practice is about expansion, distribution and growth for international operating companies. Providing strategy realization expertise for international expansion and growth. Working for digital product and services companies and their customers. 

"All happy companies are different: each one earns a monopoly by solving a unique problem. All failed companies are the same: they failed to escape competition.”

- Peter Thiel - Author "Zero to One"


☆ Trusted Advisor International ☆ Mentor CXO's : Making profits from the core.

Trusted board advisor: Strategy & change: growth plans, structure, discipline, results.

Define distribution and growth strategies for digital start-ups, scale-ups and expanders.

Find out why your company is not performing and what is needed to bring it back on track.


Review strategies for innovation, projects, distribution, growth, sales and alternatives.

Advisor for executive level strategy design and execution for growth and performance.

Strategic plan design, realization by evaluation and advise to scale-up teams.

Assist EMEA scaleups and expanders in strategies for innovation, distribution and growth.


Review your business cases and models for availability of all factors for on target growth.

Assist digital start and scale-ups with hacking a marketplace, creating growth engines.

Design growth cases, new portfolios, business models and realization of transformation.

Looking for white space, uncover need states, create solutions, find a parade and go in front.​



Executive Partner EMEA: Control distribution & growth strategy in digital ventures.

You are a non-European company and want to start W-Europe and create sales and services.

Spread a portfolio throughout the EMEA marketplace, enable potential customers to buy that.

☆ Executive Partner EMEA : Distribution and Growth for international companies.

Senior leadership for digital companies, turning "growth failure" into "growth engines".

Startup business, align distribution, create sales returns and expansion for EMEA expanders.

Accelerate new ventures and scale-ups, with knowhow, entrepreneurship, strategic insight.

Set-up sales team for selling complex digital technologies and platform business solutions.

Manage business acceleration and distribution of digital technology implementation.

Identify market opportunities, design the right strategy and conversion to tangible results.

Tune productivity of core performance engines and imagination for new products and markets.

Reduce Time to Market and ROI, turn plans to commercialization, scale-up your business.

Accelerate international digital businesses in EMEA with leadership for growth of companies.



☆ Interim CXO: Analyze and fix productivity and performance, come with solutions.

This is about analyzing customer current situation, conclude, advise and execute change.

Assisting digital technology companies and strategic consultancies with restoring success.

Analyze "AS- IS", rethink, reinvent "TO- BE" situation, define, build, make things work.

Rainmaker, solving problems, closing gaps, change boundaries, change the game.

Part-Time CEO : Taking charge, close gaps, energize performance and growth engines.

Bring authority, structure, discipline by measure of plan, act and deliver effective results

Set-up for start-ups, scale-ups new distribution organizations on international base.

Especially useful, if you need a new growth CEO and do not know yet what the future brings.

A temporary Managing Director for change and structuring derailed strategies and plans.

Structure, rethink, rework sales strategies for complex digital business solutions in EMEA.



Discuss or suggest product or service changes to improve the customer product.

Review and act on new innovations and forecast trends, connecting technologies.

Work areas: AI, e-trade, e-mobile, e-security, fintech, ERP, Fin, Networks programs.

Work with global network providers, datacenters, digital technology leaders.


Innovation successes are now expected and demanded by customers.

Provide a set of “fresh eyes” for the organization, which interprets the case "as it is".

Source for ideas or trends helping you in taking better decisions.

Strategic innovation: Change core business, change the boundaries, change the game.

Imagination with realization power for growth and acceleration of new business lines.

B ) MENTOR FOR: CEO's, COO's, CIO's, CTO's, CDO's, CGO's

Coach and mentor for internal dysfunction, bring back external momentum & growth.

They feel responsibility to maintain control with full ownership of their company.

Mentor for CXO's : Business transformation, distribution, making profit from the core.

Helicopter view, business acumen, tuning business models, innovation, differentiation.

Rethink positions: Change the known, change the boundaries, change the game.

For CXO level people that will make sure that what they define and execute is right.



Sometimes things go wrong, that happens, you solve the problems and go forward again.

Independency in review and analyzing your cases. Thinking out of the box and imagine

solutions for the problems, close existing gaps and revitalization of performance.

You need temporary very seasoned experience on board for re-structuring.

Your strategic plan and the realization of it, has serious problems to fix.

Business Acceleration services for startups, scaleups and expanders

Imagination and realization power for turning ideas to cash returns.

Services Engagement Flow:

When we have signed a turnaround / support agreement.

1) Fly in and assess cases  2)  Troubleshoot and find the causes

3) Solving problems and find solutions 4) Implement solutions

5) Control and check life operation, finetune and closing gaps.

CASE 1 : No market need, not well-developed vision and mission failure.

Defining the core business, analyze current portfolio and business models.

Gross revenue improvement by revenue revitalization and tuning services.

Analyze sales and bid process, rethink, rework, realize working processes.

Test strategies, put the best ones into the fabrics of the company accordingly.

CASE 2 : Ran out of cash or going bankrupt soon, and the tide is high.

Capital shortage for further growth, situation is stopping new business.

Strategy re-definition and performance tuning of distribution process.

Analyze and explore short time fixes and alternatives for fast survival.

Providing access to a global investor networks and solve the problems.

CASE 3 : Not the right team for business successes, not strong enough.

Bringing an underperforming program or a whole company back on track.

Leadership from acute crisis management to long term recovery of failure.

Director to simplify complex technology topics and make things successful.

CASE 4 : Get outcompeted very soon, and need a response plan quickly.

Analyze your competitive position and find out the pain that hurts most.

Rethink, rework product and portfolio for market fit and differentiation.

Innovate : Change the known, change the boundaries, change the game.

Finding ways to improve distribution strategies, and be far more effective.

CASE 5 : Serious Pricing or Cost level problems are need fast answers.

Look at the total chain from production to commercialization and sales.

Imagine new ways of working and new ways to reduce cost of operations.

Rethink, rework NPDI , TTM, ROI, CAC, EBITDA for better outcomes.

CASE 6 : Not aware of poor product performance, customers complained.

Assist in growth fixing and the turnaround into healthy growth numbers.

Growth acceleration by distribution and growth consultancy and fixing.

Analyzing distribution and growth strategy, rethink, rework, realization.

CASE 7 : Lack of solid sustainable revenue focus, underperforming profit.

Earnings before income tax numbers improvement for technology centers.

Focus on Data centers, operational computer centers, service organization.

Can't fix it themselves and need extra expertise or do not see the problem.

Work is done in close cooperation with your own staff for the best results.

CASE 8 : Lost focus on markets and customers, loose revenue.

Analyze portfolio, look at business model and market positioning.

Rethink, rework portfolio, go-to-market strategy, market and products.

Imagine future scenarios for bringing the companies in new markets.

Using digital technologies to enable much faster market domination.

Doing team sessions to enable ideas and "bringing brains in concert".

CASE 9 : Go international, but not enough capital to execute.

Explore and rethink your strategy related to growth and distribution

Growth capital is needed, we connecting you to our investor network.

When capital is needed, we sign a success agreement for the capital.

CASE 10 : Complex multi-projects or programs failure.

Problem fixing: Turned ideas2value, think thanks, redesign and execute.

Assist with a delayed ICT or digital program and making things work.

Focused on software, communication and multi-projects or programs.

Analyze program or multi-projects, find fixes, implement solutions.

Whats after the 10 cases:

When your problem is not in above 10 numbers, hire on part-time base.

- Coach & Mentor for personnel coaching on c-level & team performance.

- Part-time CEO, COO, CGO to orchestrate the plans and changes needed.

- Turnaround expert for international rollout and deployment programs.

- Deliver a board member, chairman to control mission, vision and results.

Expertise: AI, ML, NLP, e-platforms, ERP, Fin, BI, Fintech, automation,

robotics, cloud, XaaS, blockchain, 5g, e-mobile, Comms: UCaas, CCaas,

edge, digital data com, CDN, HS-Networks, SD-WAN, IoT, hybrid cloud.

Industry: Oil&Chemical, Telcos, Banking, Pharma, Government, high-tech.

"Because a thing seems difficult for you, do not think it is impossible for anyone to accomplish"

Marcus Aurelius - Emperor - Roman Empire 170 ac

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