Executive Capabilities

Innovation successes are now expected and demanded by customers, analysts and shareholders.

The automation of everything, accelerating the use of digital technologies and specific knowhow.

Digital start and scale-ups need strategies for hacking a marketplace to create growth engines.


You are a non-European company and want to start W-Europe and create sales and services.

Find out why your company is not performing and what is needed to bring it back on track.

Leadership for build-out and grow strategic consultancies, ISV’s, and digital companies.

Spread a portfolio throughout the EMEA marketplace, enable potential customers to buy that.

Executive Partner EMEA:

Senior leadership for digital companies, turning "growth failure" into "growth engines".

Startup business, align distribution, create sales returns and expansion for EMEA expanders.

Accelerate new ventures and scale-ups, with knowhow, entrepreneurship, strategic insight.

Set-up sales team for selling complex digital technologies and platform business solutions.

Manage business acceleration and distribution of digital technology implementation.

Identify market opportunities, design the right strategy and conversion to tangible results.

Tune productivity of core performance engines and imagination for new products and markets.

Reduce Time to Market and ROI, turn plans to commercialization, scale-up your business.

Re-define: Strategies, portfolios, go to-market plans for driving companies in the fast lane.

Accelerate international digital businesses in EMEA with leadership for growth of companies.

Orchestrator and Connector for left brain and right brain thinkers, bringing brains in concert.

Accelerate go to-market sales and services strategies, enable rainmakers bring in more deals.

For companies that  need an interim turnaround manager for a major high impact change.

Interim CEO: Set-up, start-up, scale-up new distribution organization on international base.

Especially useful, if you need a new growth CEO and do not know yet what the future brings.

Accelerate international consultancies, ISV's, invention & IP houses in international business.

Temporary Managing Director: For change and structuring derailed strategies and plans.

Analyze as-is, discuss “to-be” situation, rethink, rework and prepare future success.

Structure, rethink, rework sales strategies for complex digital business solutions in EMEA

The imagination and realization capabilities to imagine totally new business initiatives.


Evaluating strategic growth needs and connecting investors to discuss opportunities.

For innovators, inventors, startup and scaleup companies that cannot close funding gaps.

Close Funding Gaps: Investment Partner for seed capital and growth capital series A.

Review cases, pitch decks, business plans, check strategy for sales, services, growth.

Design business cases, portfolios, business models and realization of transformation

A ) You are an investment company and have started a new funds for digital technologies
and looking for startups or scaleups that need funding and have a good fit in the portfolio. 
Valbonne Commercial Agency is working for several companies in that area frequently.
B) You need a mentor to accelerate one of the scale-up companies in your portfolio.   


Emea growth partner services: Make your distribution work in Europe and EMEA.
Many great startups have problems when they go scaleup phase, they are not able to energize
business, creat customers and put a solid distribution channel in place with good margins. 
You have a great product and already well received in a large market, want to go international

to Europe or EMEA. Starting up sales teams in those countries will cost you $2 million or more.

Emea growth partner services are a lot more effective:
No investment cost, no salaries, experienced staff, well aligned to sell in the European market.  

The benefits are: No company capital risks, fast execution, high results.

1 ] Pay-for-performance : Only CAC with real orders by a % MRC or one-time % on the deal

2 ] No work capital needs and no startup Europe sales cost, CLV assured by partnership.

3 ] You only need to provide training plus sales collatoral and take EMEA marketing cost. 

4 ] Do you need commercial representation in Europe?...take the fast and smart route! Call us.

"Companies don't fail because they choose the wrong course; they fail because they can't imagine a better one"

Quote: Marty Neumeier

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