Rethink, Rework, Realize 

"Companies have to radically revolutionize themselves every few years just to stay relevant.
That's because technology and the Internet have transformed the business landscape forever.
The fast-paced digital age has accelerated the need for companies to become agile.
Nolan Bushnell

Innovation successes are now expected and demanded by customers, analysts and shareholders.

The automation of everything, accelerating the use of digital technologies and specific knowhow.

Digital start and scale-ups need strategies for hacking a market-place to create growth engines


Second opinion on your business, innovation and growth strategy, advisor for strategies.
You’re a digital company with expansion plans in Europe, and need leadership for that mission.

Services for global i-technology and consultancy companies with a need for commercial expansion.


You are a non-European company and want to start W-Europe and create sales and services. 

Find out why your company is not performing and what is needed to bring it back on track.

Leadership for build-out and grow strategic consultancies, ISV’s, and digital companies.

Spread a portfolio throughout the EMEA marketplace, enable potential customers to buy that.

Executive Business Partner EMEA

Senior leadership for digital companies, turning "growth failure" into "growth engines".

Startup business, align distribution, create sales returns and expansion for EMEA expanders.

Accelerate new ventures and scale-ups, with knowhow, entrepreneurship, strategic insight. 

Set-up sales team for selling complex digital technologies and platform business solutions.

Manage business acceleration and distribution of digital technology implementation.
Identify market opportunities, design the right strategy and conversion to tangible results. 

Tune productivity of core performance engines and imagination for new products and markets.

Reduce Time to Market and ROI, turn plans to commercialization, scale-up your business.

Re-define: Strategies, portfolios, goto-market plans for driving companies in the fast lane.

Accelerate international digital businesses in EMEA with leadership for growth of companies.

Orchestrator and Connector for left brain and right brain thinkers, bringing brains in concert.

Accelerate goto-market sales and services strategies, enable rainmakers bring in more deals. 

In 6 steps to sustainable business revenues in Europe

Develop a new geographic business area with complex sales cycles and sustainable business.

Establish European presence for digital consultancies, digital companies, and ISV's. 

Fix roadblocks in strategy and plan realization, accelerate sales growth and close funding gaps.

1) Setup Business: Start EMEA offices under your name and your brand.

Arrange billing and bookkeeping, bank account and VAT numbers

Arrange Website and all supporting material for business.

2) Start selling: Setup sales team for your product line and start selling.
prototyping sessions with first customers to speed up your sales process.

3) Expanding: In line with targets agreed: produce operational organization.
Select customers that are in highest need for this solution and roll it out.
Set up sales channels and design/define , realize sustainable businesses.

4) Recurring Income: Stabilize operational business with all support channels operational.
Visit first users and find out what need to be improved Align sales for high volume selling.

5) Branding: Prepare handover for further brand building by the owner of the solutions.

6) Creating sustainable business with your teams.

Services are charged: Paid per day, plus % of revenue created, plus T&L



For companies that are not running very wel and need an interim turnaround manager for change.

Interim CEO: Set-up, start-up, scale-up new distribution organization on international base.

Especially useful, if you need a new growth CEO and do not know yet what the future brings. 
Accelerate international consultancies, ISV's, invention & IP houses in international business.

Temporary Managing Director: For change and structuring derailed strategies and plans.

Analyze as-is, discuss “to-be” situation, rethink, rework and prepare future success.

Structure, rethink, rework sales strategies for complex digital business solutions in EMEA

The imagination and realization capabilities to imagine totally new business initiatives.

Services are charged: Per day, with a % bonus on preset targets realized, plus T&L.

"All happy companies are different: each one earns a monopoly by solving a unique problem.

All failed companies are the same: they failed to escape competition.” - Peter Thiel - Author "Zero to One" 

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