ringing the capabilities for making digital business change work


Principal Consultant
Define, design and implement delivery strategies in digital transformation for customers and contracted companies. Deliver build capacity in data science: B.I, A.I. machine learning, NLP, IBM Watson, deep learning. 
The automation of e​verything, accelerating the use of digital technologies and business models. Business digitalisation of media, marketing, trade, accounting, security, fintech, telco, industry. Digital transformation and innovation, change boundaries, change the game. 


A) Assist in making ideas and strategies work, build new digital solutions & disruptive customer experiences.

B) Improve solution differentiation to win new and existing markets by topclass solution value.

C) Your team has problems with building an artificial intelligence powered application and the software is not working.
D) A software company needs the best expertise on the globe to build their AI parts and improve their total solution.
E) Assisting entrepreneurs and scaleup companies to build AI based functionalities to their new and existing portfolios.

F) Digital transformation program coach: To orchestrate and deliver strategic digital programs of scale and complexity.
G) Innovation with digital technologies: Improve your current business application, change the boundaries, expand your business boundaries, Disrupting the game, by introducing concepts and solutions that put competitors backward and grows your competitive positioning..


1) Automatic data cleaning
2) Encrypted data pipelines
3) Explainable forecasting
4) Anomaly protection
5) Data agregation
6) User data extractors
7) Nasdaq prediction algorithms
8) Massive invoice payments algorithms, predicting payments with 85% better accuracy

9) User profile based pricing algorithms, growing profits 50% and a lot more.....

Improve the Known: Change processes, build solutions with higher quality at lower costs.

Change the Boundaries: Move to nextby and larger market, higher volumes, going global.

Disrupt the Game: Build 10 times better value, create unique solutions, dominate markets.


1) Artificial Intelligence Software Builder

Software builders for AI and digital IQ solutions

A digital software builders company, specialized in design of artificial intelligence algorithms build with implementation in other companies application landscape, including integration, and lifecycle support. Also providing resources to help you out in architecture and development.

EXPERTISE: Building A.I algorithms: natural language Software builders for commercial applications in global trading, improving document scans interpretation by A.I engines, Assist fintechs with financial analyses. Processing | K-means algorithms | HAM method | visual recognition | question and answer models | IBM Watson

2) Artificial Intelligence LAB

Digital - Artificial Intelligence Studio and A.I Lab

Innovators and data scientist for strategic digital solutions , this more off a scientific lab that produces business software solutions. A data science company specialized in one off solution for large international companies. Design of latest digital technologies, using artificial intelligence , including integration of solutions.

Also providing resources to help you out in brainstorming, design, architecture and development of innovative new solution to expand your portfolio into other markets with aggressive growth numbers or add functionalities to disrupt the market they want to “own”.

EXPERTISE: Building ai algorithms: Artificial intelligence to predict market changes | behavioral nudging for modifying user behavior | reinforcement learning, control market reaction to trade | computational finance, integration of market participation strategies| AI processed satellite data | Machine learning. 

3) INSIET Software

Financial data Integration- SAP - ORACLE - etc.

Your Global Data Integration Partner

Insiet is a SaaS based Financial Consolidation and Reporting software System. Insiet is built by accountants and for the accounting community. We understand that a standard BI Solution is made for general reporting purposes and may not fit very well for financial reporting. Insiet comes with prebuilt custom reports such as a P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow etc. and user can change them as per their requirments.


  1. Streamline global accounting, cost centers, revenue centers for better insight and information quality, connecting accountants globally online under one reporting platform.
  2. Financial Consolidation in the Cloud for global access by global accountants.
  3. Financial Reporting on the Cloud, global access 
  4. Inter-Company Reconciliation.
  5. Streamlining Accounts pre and post M&A
Why work with them?

  • Easy to Setup, easy to use, deployed over the cloud for global access.
  • Integrate your data from different systems worldwide into one format.
  • Reduced dependencies on excel and ERP. 
  • Customize your reporting structure without developer support.
  • Standardize financial reports across your system landscape with access via the cloud.
  • Streamline your accounting with user driven report design.
  • Fast deployment, easy to use, enhanced user experience. 
  • We deliver all services needed to integrate our solution with quick deployment. 
  • We offer project solutions including: Integration, customization, financial consultancy, training and implementation.