Executive Advisor Capabilities

Many startups do fail within 5 years, more then 50%. That's a waste of money and energy.

When you are a startup in startphase or in startup end phase, please check the PDF below: 

What you can do, to avoid failure:

  • Create and deliver a strong differentiated and sellable product or services portfolio.
  • Do intensive market research and find out your ideal positioning in the market.
  • Define a go-to-market strategy that can attract start and growth capital.
  • Be focused and say more "NO" to all opportunities and only yes after review.
  • Make business plans that allow pivots, so you can adopt to the competition.
  • Bring in and develop great enthusiasm and commitment in your teams.
  • Leadership with vision, realization power and structure will help success.
  • Mentorship for who needs it, bringing brains in concert within teams.
  • Making a realistic customer creation and revenue model fully operational.
  • Have the right capital and make it available in start and growth phases
  • Make a product or services where the market is waiting for and the need is clear.
  • Align your distribution process with the same rigour as your development process.
  • Hire an expert for distribution with a sustainable growth model in revenue and profits.
  • Adopt growth thinking, design thinking and develop imagination power for renewal

SERVICES: For management teams in start-ups and scale-ups for innovation, growth, structure.
When your company has a lot of talent, but going to market is not in the capabilities or the team.
Going to market is very different from building a success  product, going to market makes it sell.



Review strategies for innovation, projects, distribution, growth, sales and alternatives.

Advisor for executive level strategy design and execution for growth and performance.

Strategic plan design, realization by evaluation and advise to scale-up teams.

Assist EMEA scaleups and expanders in strategies for innovation, distribution and growth.

Evaluate performance areas, analyze them, re-structure for productivity and efficiency.


Review your business cases and models for availability of all factors for on target growth.
Assist digital start and scale-ups with hacking a marketplace, creating growth engines.

Design growth cases, new portfolios, business models and realization of transformation.

Fix declining growth; Research portfolio quality, goto market strategies and sales models.

Looking for white space, uncover need states, create solutions, find a parade and go in front.

The most important ingredient for entrepreneurial success is the right product market fit.


Strategic innovation: Change core business, change the boundaries, change the game.

The capabilities to imagine, define, produce new business lines and new portfolios.

Bring good ideas to innovation and value, turning good concepts into great solutions.

Imagination with realization power for growth and acceleration of new business lines.

Value capture, value creation and sustained value as one continuous process circle.

Second opinion on your innovation tracks in business, portfolio and business models.

Services are charged: Per hour plus T&L


2 ] 

Mentoring the board: Guide and advise board members with experience and overview.

Vision, mission and strategic plan realization by evaluation and advise board level teams.

Guide and advise board members with an independent view on performance and success.

Align, tune board performance, productivity and company results, bring new perspectives.

Create new perspectives, crossing the boundaries in thinking, design clear breakthroughs.

Assist mgmt. teams in tuning the profit engine, business model and performance engine.

Helicopter view, business acumen, tuning business models,innovation for differentiation.

Driving max differentiation in portfolios, deliver the things that customers really need..

Services are charged: Paid per Quarterfee plus meeting charge, plus T&L

Side Business: Mentor Mgmt team members

Services for young maturing company leaders, executive directors and board members.

Strategic and creative mind to co-develop opportunities, energize teams and companies.

Assist and coach leadership over diversed teams in multi locations on international scale.



VENTURE PARTNER: Evaluating strategic growth needs and connect investors.

For innovators, inventors, startup and scaleup companies that cannot close funding gaps.

Close Funding Gaps: Investment Partner for seed capital and growth capital series A.

Connect. Venture Partner for closing the gaps in future and connect growth capital.

Review cases, pitch decks, business plans, check strategy for sales, services, growth.

Design business cases, portfolios, business models and realization of transformation.

Services are charged: Per percentage of the capital found.

You are a investment company and have started a new funds for digital technologies and looking for startups or scaleups that need funding and have a good fit in the portfolio. 
Valbonne Commercial Agency is working for several companies in that area that need serious money frequently.  
Just call when you need some new investment targets.

"Companies don't fail because they choose the wrong course; they fail because they can't imagine a better one"

Quote: Marty Neumeier

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