Digitalisation of media, marketing, trading, accounting, security, LMS, telco, fintech

Business expansion for Asian and American digital ventures in EMEA and Europe.
Executive partner and boardroom consultancy for technology projects & programs.

Services to assist your management team and distribution to design, define and execute changes:
Innovation, distribution, sales, services, strategies to get marketshare and growth acceleration.

Executive partner EMEA: Start and expand European businesses, creating customers & revenue.

Assist innovative digital platform companies, ISV's and consultancies in creating growth engines.

Boardroom Advisor : Review strategies for innovation, distribution, sales, gotomarket & profit.

Chairman: Coach and guide to rethink, rework strategies, business plans, goto-market and sales.

Principal consultant digital transformation and innovation, change boundaries, change the game.

Program Coach: To orchestrate and deliver strategic digital programs of scale and complexity.

Making ideas and strategies work, build new digital solutions & disruptive customer experiences. 

Digital innovation with A.I. in e-accounting, e-media, e-trade, e-learning, e-mobile, security,

Working in data science, build AI solutions, machine learning, NLP, IBM Watson, deep learning.


​Valbonne Commercial Agency - Amersfoort - The Netherlands - Working With Worldwide Businesses 

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