Services to assist your management team and distribution to design, define and execute change.

Accelerate business scale-up and international expansion, grow new digital technology businesses.

Executive partner and boardroom consultant / trusted advisor for complex technology companies.

Rain maker: Change the game, open new markets, create new customers, uncover opportunities.


Executive partner EMEA: Start and expand European businesses, creating customers & revenue.

Assist innovative digital platform companies, ISV's and consultancies in creating growth engines.

Design, develop and execute strategies  for innovation, distribution, sales, go to-market and profit.

Change agent to rethink, rework, realizes strategies, business plans, go to-market, and sales growth.


Assisting CEO's, founders, investor companies in streamlining strategies for build and delivery.
Expert in distribution and growth scenarios for international scale up and business expansion. 

Let me help solve your business problems. A fresh set of eyes can show you different possibilities. 

Expert in digitalization of media, marketing, trade, accounting, security, fintech, telco, industry

Program Coaching: To orchestrate and deliver strategic digital programs of scale and complexity.

Making ideas and strategies work, build new digital solutions & disruptive customer experiences. 

Digital build service for A.I. in e-accounting, e-media, e-trade, e-learning, e-mobile, cybersecurity.

Deliver build capacity in data science, A.I. machine learning, NLP, deep learning, new algorithms.


​Valbonne Commercial Agency - Amersfoort - The Netherlands - Working With Worldwide Businesses 

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